【Machine Learning】机器学习:简明入门指南

本文是一篇转载自伯乐在线的译文,英文原文是这里:Machine Learning is Fun! — by Adam Geitgey 在听到人们谈论机器学习的时候,你是不是对它的涵义只有几个模糊的认识呢?你是不是已经厌倦了在和同事交谈时只能一直点头?让我们改变一下吧! 本指南的读者对象是所有对机器学习有求知欲但却不知道如何开头的朋友。我猜很多人已经读过了“机器学习” ——维基百科词条,倍...

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Gallery Example

To add a photo gallery placeholder to your post, just add the following lines to your front-matter:photos:- https://www.hdwallpapers.net/previews/starry-night-over-corsica-986.jpg- https://www.hdwa...

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Take a Deep Breath and Just Be

This is hiker, a free responsive, high resolution and pretty flexible theme for you to use to write about things you love. Make sure to check all the examples out! To download this theme or to check the full feature list, just go here. Feel free to leave a comment there if you digg it! Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptat...

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